23. Can we have it all
:24.Why we have t 25. My year of sayi 26. 3 things I learned 27.Looks aren&#0 28. All it takes 29. Dare to di 30. Grit: Th 31. Why you will fail 32. How to make s 33. How to find wo 34. The surprising sc 35. Inside the mind of 36.Smash fear, learn 37. Why gi 38.How equal do we wa 39. Poverty, mone 40. The rise of 41. 10 things you didn 42. Why dom 43.The art of aski 44.The call to le 45.How to escape ed 46. What makes a 47.Success, fa 48. 4 lessons in c 49.The difference be 50.The power of intro 51. If I should have a 52. Life at 30,00

ESl Ted Talks

52 TED talks for the ESl classroom

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